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Moroccan Tan

The Moroccan Tan formula uses deep absorbing organic Argan oil, an anti-oxidant rich in Vitamin E sourced from Southwest Morocco, to nourish the skin, vitamin E and aloe vera to soften and moisturise. A blend of caffeine and vitamins achieve firmer skin and reduce the overall appearance of fine lines, resulting in overall younger looking skin.

Deep ashy browns and violet rich bronzers adapt to the individual’s skin tone ensuring each and every Moroccan Tan is a perfect natural bronze. Quick drying, non-oily and non-sticky formula. Moroccan Tan is PEG and paraben free.                             

Full body Tan – $45

Moroccan Accelerated

Uniquely designed to suit all complexions, MoroccanAccelerated delivers the darkest and most intense finish within the MoroccanTan range. Ultra bronzers, boosted melanin tanning technology and a 48 hour hydration complex ensures the skin receives a continuous surge of hydration, resulting in healthy, luminous and protected skin.

MoroccanAccelerated is infused with our hero ingredient organic Argan oil, and a powerful probiotic blend to enhance the radiance of the complexion by stimulating the skin’s natural defences.

Key Features:

  • Wash ‘n’ Wear 30 minute tan. For darker results leave on the skin for up to 4 hours.
  • Probiotic Defence – Probiotics strengthen the skin’s barrier function and protect against unfriendly bacteria, environmental damage and free radicals, all of which can fast-track ageing. Proven to stimulate the skin’s natural defence mechanisms, boost the skin’s immune health and build collagen, this pre/probiotic action works tirelessly to improve the radiance and well-being of the skin.
  • Sulphate and paraben free. Using only naturally derived alcohol.
Full body Tan – $45